About Intertek Audits 

Our core business is to assist our clients in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical device industries in conducting audits in accordance with European and American regulations. ​

The Intertek Audits activity is thus involved in improving the safety of health and cosmetic products distributed throughout the world. ​

Intertek attaches great importance to the environment and sustainable development. ​

As a pioneer in the implementation of shared audits, Intertek has been helping to reduce the environmental impact of audits for more than 15 years by offering shared supplier audits among multiple clients and by assigning local auditors. ​

Intertek contributes directly to the protection of the planet by reducing the number of trips related to the realization of supplier audits, while taking into account the individual needs of each customer during the realization of these shared audits.

Join us!
We are currently looking for :

  • A lead auditor
  • A technical and administrative assistant

We are also looking for freelance auditors to complete our growing team.

An innovative, dynamic and passionate team at your service.

Our strengths:

  • Expertise
  • Proactivity
  • Innovation
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and listening
  • Result focus
Soria Catherine

Activity manager

Marine Certain

Business Development Manager

Claire Gangloff

Quality and Technical Manager