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Our solutions

Across the life cycle of your products, from production to distribution, from raw materials to finished products, we deliver end-to-end audit solutions for global pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device supply chains which enable you to power ahead.​

Quality is at the heart of our organisation and we continuously focus on improving the performance of our services in order exceed the expectations of our global clients. Our flexible solutions can be tailored to respond to your exact needs. Whether you need an individual audit or wish to optimize your audit program through shared audits, we have a solution that is right for you.​

Find below our detailed services:

No matter the challenge, our dynamic and passionate team will work with you to develop a solution which meets your needs exactly​

Intertek – Your partner for flexible supplier audit solutions​.

Individual audits2023-01-31T17:29:57+01:00

Our team has earned the trust of over 1800 clients around the world and audited over 5000 sites. Our individual audits are adapted to respond to your specific needs and conducted according to the relevant industry standard(s), with a focus on the specific areas of that are a concern for you. 

Our auditors are selected for their expertise in the scope of audit relevant to your suppliers or subcontractors. Furthermore, our auditors are located all round the world which facilitates communication with each site to be audited, often in their local language.

Shared audits2023-01-20T17:05:53+01:00

We can offer you an audit service for your suppliers in the form of shared audits.

This service, based on Intertek’s commitment to the preservation of the environment, allows you to share the assessments of audited sites. This way, each audit sharing is synonymous with a trip avoided.

Our expert auditors take into account the points of vigilance communicated by each of the clients represented on the audit, the agenda and the duration of the audit are adapted. The associated observations are presented in individualized and confidential audit reports.

This service, offered for more than 15 years by Intertek, also allows you to join an already planned audit and thus shorten the audit time, facilitate the realization of your supplier evaluation plan, while controlling your budget. Intertek guarantees the confidentiality of the entire process, and at no time will the names of the clients represented be disclosed.

Remote audits2023-01-31T17:30:40+01:00

Travel restrictions, geopolitical and security constraints may prevent travel to the audited site in person. Instead, our international team can perform effective and comprehensive remote audits worldwide.

Remote audits are also an environmentally friendly solution proposed by Intertek to reduce the eco-burden of travelling when it is not necessary.

Confidential audits2023-01-31T17:33:13+01:00

Sometimes you may need to evaluate a site without the auditee or any other party knowing. 

We can carry out a confidential audit for you according to a quality reference taking into account your specific points of vigilance or according to your own reference.

Do not hesitate to trust us with your due diligence audits or any other confidential audit requirement.

Audits for cause2023-01-20T17:02:52+01:00

You are experiencing a quality crisis with one of your suppliers, recurring incidents, or you have identified major non-conformities that you would like to investigate carefully.

We carry out for you audits for cause and accompany you in this situation of quality crisis, being as close as possible to your expectations and promoting a thorough understanding of the issues.

Internal Audits2023-01-20T17:04:37+01:00

You wish to evaluate your level of compliance objectively and in an analogous way. 

Entrust us with your internal audit program, you will benefit from the expertise of our auditors who will share with you the points of vigilance and suggestions for improvement to give life to your continuous improvement approach. 

Management of your audit program2023-01-20T16:47:45+01:00

You have many audits to perform and you lack resources or time

Intertek supports you in managing your audit program. We will do our best to help you find a solution.

We will take care of everything for you: exchanges with the sites to be audited, planning, report follow-up, evaluation and CAPA follow-up. You are informed periodically of the progress of the plan.

Report purchase of existing audits2023-01-20T17:02:11+01:00

You are having difficulty obtaining availability for an audit or travel restrictions do not allow you to perform a new audit in a timely manner. Intertek offers you a quick solution: audit report buyback

You will find in the section ” Audits – Our Shared Audits ” of this site, our list of audits already performed. Depending on the scope of the audit and following the agreement of the audited site and the initial client we can offer you a report purchase under your company’s name.

The report repurchase is an environmentally friendly solution implemented by Intertek to avoid a specific trip.

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