Are you a freelance auditor? Do you have experience in auditing suppliers in the health and cosmetic industry? Are you an expert in GMP and/or ISO standards?​

If you have answered yes, then join our worldwide network of qualified auditors! ​

Depending on your qualifications, experience and location we would match you with the most suitable audit roles for you to consider.

Join us! 

If you have relevant experience as a GMP/ISO auditor, don’t hesitate to join our network of freelance auditors.

  • A dynamic, flexible and responsive team 

  • A multicultural and multilingual work environment

  • Audits proposed regularly 

I want to join the Intertek auditor network!

    Intertek processes your personal data for the purpose of potential partnership as a freelance auditor. To learn more about how we handle your personal data and to exercise your rights, please see our privacy policy.
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    How will I be paid?2023-01-20T17:36:40+01:00

    During the recruitment process, our experts evaluate your skills.  If these are in line with our expectations, audit fees are agreed upon and a contract is signed. This fee takes into account the preparation, the execution, the writing of the audit report and the CAPA review process. 

    Specific guidelines for travel expenses are also  agreed upon as per Intertek travel policy. 

    For each audit request, we will ask you to estimate the travel expenses before sending you a purchase order. 

    What are the steps to become an auditor for Intertek?2023-01-20T17:35:00+01:00

    The validation process of your application is done in 4 steps:

    • Step 1: Submission of your application including your CV and any other relevant documents
    • If your profile meets our requirements, you will be invited to complete a questionnaire.
    • Step 2: Submission of the questionnaire to allow us to better understand your aspirations and skills. If the interest of your application is confirmed, we will agree on an interview appointment together
    • Step 3: Interview. This interview will allow us to understand your relational and interpersonal skills and to confirm the interest of your application.
    • Step 4: We will evaluate your writing skills in English using an anonymized report.

    If this last step is successful, a contract will be signed. Our recruiting manager along with our technical experts will conduct a final assessment to confirm your qualifications and the areas for which you will be qualified.

    On what criteria will I be selected?2023-01-20T17:32:58+01:00

    Intertek will offer you audits in line with your technical skills and expertise.

    Intertek is concerned about the environment, the location of the site to be audited is therefore very important in the choice of the auditor in order to protect our planet.

    You will be always free to refuse an audit.

    How many audits will I have to perform?2023-01-20T17:31:58+01:00

    Conducting an audit is an exciting job.

    Intertek will propose you between 1 and 4 audits per month, depending on your area of expertise, your location and your availability.

    Will I have to perform audits in far locations ?2023-01-20T17:30:22+01:00

    We all have a responsibility to protect the future of the planet. Intertek places great importance on the environment and sustainable development.

    Intertek favors the use of local auditors whenever it is possible

    In addition, Intertek cares about the quality of the audit process. Local language promotes smooth communication, detailed understanding and are crucial to the quality of the audits.

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