Our shared audits

With 15 years of experience on 5 continents, our team has earned the trust of over 1800 clients and has audited over 5000 sites globally. 

Find out more about our shared audits by consulting the list below. 

You can: 

  • join an audit already planned or to be scheduled. You will be able to  submit your specific question if you you want the auditor to focus on particular point during the audit, 
  • buy a report for an audit already carried out. Depending on the scope, we can adapt the audit report to your needs. 

Your participation to the audit/the purchase of an audit report are subject to the prior agreement of the auditee site. 

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The audit you are looking for is not available?
You can request a new audit by selecting one of our 5000 sites already audited or by sending us an e-mail with the address of the auditee site.